A Look at the Amazing items found in our Museum!

While taking a guided tour you will find each room of the mseum comes to life as we show you different decades and eras. Through each room you will have a sense of what sort of items were manufactured in Cornwall, as well as the way the people used to live, and how Cornwall as well as the rest of Canada has shaped and formed over the years.  This page is dedicated to showing you just some of the amazing and influencial pieces that we have in our midst! If this is just a few, you can only imagine the greatness of the other items that are found in the walls of the Wood House.

One room in the Museum is dedicated temporary exhibits:

Our temporary exhibit changes often so please contact the museum to see what the room holds with each passing month!

The Hallway on the Second Story of the Woodhouse is filled with amazing artifacts from 1810 to 1860!:

A Comb back or Boston Rocking Chair     A Secretary Desk, Either made by,              A Hair Wreath ca. 1860, 
 ca. 1860                                                or for, the Warner Family ca.1835                made entirely out of human hair   
                                                                                                                              with each colour representing 
                                                                                                                               a different family member
    A Trunk, ca. 1840,                                           Three Gallon Crock,                     Sideboard, English style, ca.1810                 found in Stormont County                                    The Ballard Pottery was 
                                                                          acquired  Flack and Van Arsdale  

The Bedroom, beautiful relics from the 1940s.

Baskets, made on  Cornwall Island           Bed, ca. 1940, made by                          Bud Vases, ca.1950,  Souvenier's
Out of Sweet Grass. During the 1940s,             Beach Furniture                                  of Brinston's Corners        
women from  Cornwall Island would
 visit the  'Main Land' to sell their baskets.
These were purchased in Lancaster
Plaque, John Ernest Wood World War I,         Medicine Bottle, G. De                        Sewing Machine, made by Wanzer (U.S.A)
 John Wood served in the 29th Ballalion           Varenne's Pharmacy                           patent, 1867.
 World War I, he died of wounds April 29th,     ca. 1940, Montreal Road
1916.  He was the great-great grandson
of Jonas Wood.
Papier mache doll with dress, ca. 1920     Toy Bed Set,ca. 1930, Made from old             Toy Piano, ca.1905
                                                                    candy and jewelery boxes. 
 A Dressing Screen, made by              Folding Wicker Basinet, made by John                  Hooked Rug, ca.1940. From  
Mrs. Ross-Ross  of Lancanster          Ranald McDonald,2nd Con. Lancaster Twp.,                  the Urquart family of
around 1940, decorated with               in 1908 and used for four generations.                                 Dunvegan
of  patriotic images celebrating
British Royalty  and the British Empire. 
Chair, Lyre back style made by                      The Bedspread, made by Louisa               A Highlander uniform, the Charlan  
       McGill Chair Co. Ltd                                  W. Beach in 1903  Charles Asa            Cadet Corps, worn by  Robert McDonnell
        Cornwall, ca. 1930                                 Beach its is decorated with                   in 1951 and Richard Ivens in 1968.
                                                                     scripture. Louisa made one for
                                                                      each of her 14 children.                                                                                            
Painting of the "SS Britannic", ca. 1950.            Painting, of Long Sault Rapids                   Painting, watercolour, the Old Fort,
The "Britannic" sailed between Montreal                                                                             Cornwall, ca.1930's  Originally         
and Kingston   Constructed in 1866, she                                                                               a mill, it was fortified in 1837 
made her  last voyage in 1937, when she was  
demolished in the 1940's and broken-up
and sold as scrap.         

The Study in the Wood House:

A Briefcase, made out of leather, named        Carpet bowling balls, a very popular            Cannon balls, weighing 24 pounds  "A.W Dixon, Moulinette, Ont." Ca. 1900         indoor game  in the early 20th century.        found in Cornwall in 1960 while   
                                                                                                                                     the doner was planting his 
                                                                                                                                      garden. Ca. 1812       
A desk, oak, ca. 1900                              A Pressback Rocking Chair, ca. 1900          Rocking Chair,that could         
                                                              Made in Nolan Rupert's workshop                be ordered by Eaton's Catalogue.
                                                              Cornwall Twp.                                             Said to have belonged  to "Caribou"
 .                                                                                                                              Cameron                                  
Gingerbread Mantle Clock,               Wooden candle sticks             Fireman's Helmet, Cornwall Fire         Wooden Penny Bank,  1882, made by William L.                     made in 1930s,                          Brigade, ca. 1900.                      ca. 1900. The Bank
 Gilbert  Clock. Co, USA                     by  Nolan Ruppert                                                                            belonged
                                                            of  Cornwall.                                                                                to Mary Mack.    
Photo of Walter Wood 1859-1952,       "Gathering of the Clans", ca. 1910,                    Portrait of Willam Mack, 1828-1897.
the last of the Wood family to live         Depicts 29 different tartans. From George        United  Counties Warden, 1878,              
in the house.                                       Smith, former Principal of the Cornwall              MPP 1879-83, 1886 -94, proprietor                                                                                                                                    of Mack's Roller Mills,  Cornwall

Maple Table, with the initials "JSMD",           Mirror of figured maple, ca. 1905,                Lacrosse Stick, ca. 1930, used 
said to have belonged to John                         Belonged to B. Harkness of                          in  Cornwall by John Pescod. 
Sandfield Macdonald of                                            South Lancaster                              Most likely made in Cornwall City.
Cornwall and originally aquired 
from his son's esate  in Lancaster       
A Seashell, inscribed with The Lords Prayer, ca. 1900,                             Skates, ca. 1870,  from Moulinette.        
from J.G. Snetsinger's home the White House in Moulinette
Stereoscope, ca.1896. Made in the U.S.A,            Piano Stool, ca. 1906.                       Militia Officer's sword, work by M.Ault 
popular in all of North American and Europe         Made by M.A Macdonald                    during the Rebellions of 1837.
                                                                            & Co. Furniture and
                                                                           Undertaking. Cornwall City       

1917 District Cheese Inpection       'Tri- County Tug of War           Water Jug, 'Presented by Lt.         Water Jug, Cornwall   
 Trophy of Eastern Ontario           Challenge' Presented by          Col. Baker  to the Cornwall Rifle       Cycling Club,1895  
                                                    D.R McDonald,1911-1913        Assoc., 1900.'   Baker was Col       
                                                                                                            of the 59th Reg. 
                                                                                                   Stormont/  Glengarry, 1900-03                                    
          Wine Goblets, 1904, (left) 1st prize to George Patterson, 100 yards, Stormont Co. Journal's Athletic Sports. 
                                        (right) 1st Prize to George Patterson, one mile, Cornwall District, Journal's Athletic Sports.
Typewriter, 1887.                          A Whatnot, 1885, from the drawing            Whisky Jug. Thom & Cameron Glasgow,
 Hall typewriter, instead               room of the White House, Moulinette,                  "the cream of Highland Whiskies."               
 of assigning individual                 home of J.G. Snetsinger, M.L.A 1873-1879               Made to celebrate Queen     
keys for each letter,                      M.P. 1896
a sliding shuttle holding 81
 characters was used to
select and print each letter one
at a time. Manufactured in the U.S. it
was used in William  Mack's Express Roller Mills,

How about a cup of tea or coffee in the Parlour from 1870?

Ladies' Rococo Chair, ca. 1855.         Arm Chair, ca. 1820, Georgian English                      Foot Stool, ca. 1850    
Needlepoint  seat,
made by Sarah Wood Cameron
Frock Coat ca.1840, The coat belonged        Beaver Hat, ca. 1840, worn                        A Childs Dress from the 19th century
to the Rev. John Dickey.                            by Rev. John   Dickey of North 
                                                                Williamsburg, made in England,
                                                       the gold initials "J.D" are sewn Williamsburg                                                        
                                                                             on the inside                                                            
Harvest Wreath, 1876, This Harvest               Farmers Seed Wreath ,ca. 1860              Wax Fruit display made by Sarah
Wreath was made by 19 year old                   made by the Cain Family, Grant's            Wood, William Woods granddaughter
Mary Warner of Milles Roches.                      Corners                                                  said to have been made when she was
In making this wreath, each seed had to be                                                                    eight years old in 1844.
cut open, have the meat scraped out, dried together 
and set with glue.
The wreath was displayed at the annual Cornwall
Exposition, and during the 12 mile trip many of
the seeds fell off.  
Empire Sofa, ca.1825 with original                  Bezique, ca. 1860. The game                       The games table, tiger maple            
horsehair covering teh seat. The                     originated from France, and by 1860           said to have been made in Lancaster
sofa belonged to carriagemaker                     this two handed card game was very          by local cabinetmaker John Stewart
James Irving who came to Cornwall                popular.                                                    for Dr. Andrew Harkness in 1837.
in 1820.
Photo and charcoal drawing of Harriet         Piano, ca. 1825, William Stodart, makers to       A Dark Blue Tureen, depicting the
Smith by August Jaekle, 1866.                    His Majesty's Royal Family, Golden Square,      Catskills, Enoch Wood, Staffordshire
Cornwall Photographer. Harriet Smith         London. Similar to a piano that the Wood            ca. 1825. Old staple repairs and
lived adjacent to the original 2nd St. W.      Family once owned.                                           glue.  
location of the Wood House on the site
of the former New York Central Railway station.
She was 22 when this photograph was done,
she died a year later.
                                     Pedestal table, ca. 1855.                                    Tall Case Clock, made by I.Twiss,
                                 From the home of Jeremiah, UEL                              Montreal, ca. 1825
              Teapot, Britannia teapot made by                              Tea Serivce, 1887. Made for Queen Victoria's Jubilee
             James Dixon & Sons Ltd., Sheffield                             by R.H. Plante and Co., England, expressly for 
            England, ca. 1844, for politician and                              Boxers Brothers and Co., Montreal
                 businesseman John Crysler

Our Dinning room from the 1950s and 1960s looks good enough to enjoy a meal in!

Sterling Silver Mug, used by Mary            High Chair, Stroller, made by McGill                              Teddy Bear, given to Mary
Mack, dates 1899. Made by Birk's           Chair, Cornwall, ca. 1925.                                            Mack around 1903.  
A Paper Dress, ca. 1968.                         Mantle Clock, presented by Cornwall            Space Heater, ca. 1935
Ordered from Eatons, cost $7.                 to Council to Mayor L.G. "Archie"                "Canadian Beauty" Renfrew Electric.
                                                              Lavigne, in recognition of his
                                                              services to the City.    
Painitng, watercolour of the Siwash Indians       Painting, Cline House door,                    Painitng, Cornwall Canal Lock 17
watching the horse races, Dominion Day,                    June, 1959.                                  (Eastern entrance), painted by 
 1926 Quesnel, B.C., by   Mary Mack      (Now Logans Gallery, 2nd Street East )                Henry Brault of Cornwall.