Collections in the Wood House:                                                  

The following is a list of collections that we have in the house, if any interest you, or you would like to see more of what we have within our walls, please come for a visit, or contact us at the Museum.
. Canadian Cottons- Canada Mill, Dundas Mill and Stormont Mill
. Capitol Theatre
. Chervier Collection
. Cornwall Commerical College
. Cornwall Electric and Street Railway
. Cornwall Jail
. Cornwall 'Standard Freeholder"
. Cortauld's  (Canada) Ltd.
. Domtar Fine papers Ltd. (Howard Smith)
. Glen Stor Dun Lodge
. Marcel Quennville, "Standard Freeholder"
. Mayor Aaron Horovitz
. Mayor Gerry Parisien
. Mayor L.G. 'Archie' Lavigne
. St. Lawrence - canal boats, steamships, Richelieu and Ontario
. St Lawrence Seaway and Hydro
.SD&G Highlanders, (59th Battalion and Regiment)
.United Empire Loyalists- Kings's Royal Regiment of New York discharge papers
. University of Ottawa, Cornwall Campus

Also, we have a comprehensive local history for Cornwall and Stormont, Dundas & Glenngary.

Artifacts, include, but are not limited to:
. Beach Furniture
. Chalet Glass
. Chervier Collection
. Courtauld's (Canada Ltd)
.Flack and Arsdale Pottery
. McGill Chair
. SD&G Highlanders (59th Battalion and Regiment)